What restaurants are open near me now?

What restaurants are open near me now

Hunger can be a very big distraction more so if you are someone who works late at nights. The craving of a particular food can be even more difficult in the case of foodie people.

In such situation it’s always a benefit to be dependable on places which can serve you good quality food at any hour of the day or for that matter night.

The food joints which are open for 24/7 are a great help for those who crave for food in the middle of the night but also for the people who are on a night travel.

Finding a restaurant which is open 24/7 can be little tricky as there are very few places which offer food at any point of time.

There are very few restaurants which offer for 24/7 as maintaining a staff for 24 hour can be a bit expensive affair.

But in case of the restaurant chains it’s possible for them as they have a good budget for running their restaurants.

There are very few restaurant chains which are offering food around the clock. Keep reading this post to find open places to eat around you now…

While picking up a best food near me open we have to consider few things such as if the restaurant is making sure to offer all the variety of food at night which they offer in the morning hours, if they have maintained a staff with good efficiency so that you will not be kept waiting for long time and also they are safe in terms of personal and food security.

Imagine a situation you are out from your work or a movie late night and badly hungry.

A classy food joint serving great food can be a big relief.

There are many such places who can serve you food at any point of time.

What is open near me is one question that most of us faces.

Following is the list of those top 10 restaurants who offer great food for 24/7.

Restaurants near me that are open now

1) McDonald’s

McDonald is considered as world’s most successful and popular restaurant chain.

The restaurant is a great choice for the food lovers who enjoy burgers and some great fries.

McDonald’s is very famous for their fries and also the company claims to offer the world’s best fries.

The burgers and desserts offered here are extremely delicious. McDonalds is also very popular in the kids as they offer various toys with their products.

So if you are really hungry and looking for a tasty meal then McDonalds is happy to help you with their amazing food.

The McDonald’s food chain is spread all over the world so no matter where you go you can enjoy their food.

To locate a McDonald’s fast food open near me visit:


What are McDonald’s breakfast hours

2) Steak ‘n Shake

Steak ‘n shake has entered into this 24 hours game in the recent times with the launch of a menu called “up all night’.

It is served on selected locations. Steak ‘n shake is another popular food chain that is very popular among the food lovers.

The restaurant is quite popular in serving delicious burgers and shakes.

Steak ‘n shake has taken a good effort in creating an ideal menu for the foodies which will make them satisfied as well as the food will not cause any indigestion problem.

The best thing about Steal ‘n Shake is they offer a wide variety of foods.

Some of the very common examples are skillets with hash browns, sausage patties, various types of burgers with the delicious toppings of cheese and eggs.

To find the location near you can visit:


3) Dunkin’ Donuts

It’s said that America runs on Dunkin’ Donuts. The restaurant is extremely popular among the people of America.

The individuals who often crave for a coffee with a great dessert Dunkin’ has got a huge variety to offer.

The restaurant chain is spread widely across the America. The best part is they have their round the clock open restaurants at most of the locations.

Dunkin’ Donuts is a great coffee and doughnut fix for the foodies as it’s a quick bite for the people who are running round the clock.

The restaurant also offers a wide non-doughnut menu which is getting wider consistently.

You can satisfy you hunger with a steak and egg sandwich or a burger along with many interesting toppings like ham, cheese, bacon and what not.

You can find the nearest Dunkin’ Donut restaurant near you by visiting here:


Information about the opening hours of Dunkin’ Donuts

4) Waffle House

Waffle House is one of the most promising late night food option is USA. There menu is quite wide and unbeatable.

Waffle House has almost everything to cover your craving.

The best thing about this restaurant is all their stores are open round the clock for 365 days.

It’s considered as the only restaurant in USA which is open in even the extreme weather conditions or any national holiday.

When they say it they mean it.

They have a special management in the cases of emergency so that it will never happen that they will run out of anything.

Whatever you crave for a lunch, dinner or a breakfast Waffle House has everything to offer you.

To know the nearest location of Waffle House visit:



IHOP is another big name in the 24 hours restaurant chain. The restaurant has their many outlets in various locations which remain open 24/7.

The one which are not in this category remain open till 10: pm on weekdays and till midnight on the weekends.

IHOP is all about delicious pancakes.

The restaurant offers great breakfast along with the great pancakes also at midnight.

Along with this they also offer omelets, crepes, waffles and French toasts. Their new “Criss-Croissant” has become highly popular.

To find the IHOP restaurant near you visit:


6) Denny’s

Denny’s take an immense pride in having themselves in the popular names of restaurant open 24/7.

The restaurant is open round the clock for 365 days. Whatever the conditions are Denny’s remains open.

Their always open, always welcoming tagline proves their word.

The restaurant is famous in serving healthy food along with a fresh hot coffee.

Though the restaurant has a bit expensive menu its quite popular among the people of USA.

The wide menu consists of almost everything which includes the famous Grand slam breakfast, steaks, salads, spaghettis and what not.

To find the nearest Denny’s restaurant click here:


See what are Denny’s hours of operation here

7) Perkins

Perkins is also considered as one of the big name in the 24 hours restaurant chain.

They have around 400 outlets in USA and Canada.

Out of which many cater to the customer for 24 hours a day.

Perkins is one of the crowds favorite when you consider the kind of food that is on offer for the customers.

Perkins is very famous for wide variety of egg dishes and there popular omelets.

Along with that there southern fried chicken, pan cakes and Belgian waffles are also some of the dishes that are very popular amongst the customers.

During the odd hours, Perkins servers all kinds of above mentioned food.

There are also many different varieties that can be found in the restaurant during the night hours.

As there are many location that are open at night you can very easily bump into one near you.

To find the nearest Perkins Restaurant click here.


8) Whataburger

If you are craving for burgers in the night hours then this is the best store that you can find near you.

There are many stores of Whataburger that are even open at nights and serve your favourite burgers.

Along with burgers there is a wide menu available with then which will include Pancakes, biscuit sandwiches and much more.

You can enjoy all these at a store close to you for 24/7.

To find Whataburger close to you click on:


9) Jack in the Box

There are more than 2500 stores of Jack in the Box located all over the country which are open for 24/7.

Most of their late night business comes in the form of drive thru and parcels.

There are also many different schemes on for the late night customer which has resulted in a lot of popularity for this brand.

To check a store near you click:


10) Taco Cabana

If you are caving for Taco’s at night then Taco Cabana is one store which you should find close to you.

There are more then 160 strores which can serve you high quality meal 24/7 that includes your all time favorite Tacos.

There are also many different breakfast specials that the store offers you.

You can also get very good deal on you night orders on tacos and other items.

Click on the link to know about their locations.


We hope that after reading this blog you’ve found the closest restaurants to your location that are open right now.

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